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Once again this year I've been asked to judge the Travel Supermarket fashion competition! This time round the outfits are based on "Worldwide Wardrobe" outfits to wear around the world travelling to various destinations and doing all sorts of things on a budget of £200. The categories are going to be sightseeing in Paris, clubbing in Ibiza, shopping in London, cocktails in New York. partying at a Full Moon party in Thailand. I'm happy that I shall be judging the London category! The winner from each category will win a holiday of a lifetime tovisit the destination they have designed their outfit for.  Plus you'll also win £200 to buy the outfit you’ve designed! You can enter just one or as many categories as you like.

To enter all you need to do is mock up a visual (see examples below) of the £200 outfit for each of the 5 categories. In your blog post, you need to state which category each outfit is for and why you chose the outfit for that specific location. You should also credit the source of all images you use, and explain why each outfit is great value. You can enter just one category to be in with the chance of winning a trip to just that designation, but if you enter all 5 you'll be in with a chance to win all five! Within your post be sure to link to the competition page Nominate 5 bloggers you'd like to see do the challenge and let them know using the hashtag (#worldwidewardrobe). The closing date for entries is 5th June 2013 and you can let us know you have entered by Emailing, Tweeting @travelsupermkt with the hashtag #worldwidewardrobe Or, tagging the Facebook page in a post linking to the blog post that you are entering.

I've created using my image using Photoshop. If you don't have photoshop you can use Polyvore or the free online photo editor Pixlr. Be as creative and as eye-catching as you like with the entries! I shall be looking over them all! So for example my text to go alongside my look I've created would be "I chose to keep my look simple and minimalistic which perfectly compliments London's laid back, effortless vibes. Jeans and a simple vest are a classic, wardrobe staples and a good pair of jeans are a must have for everyone of all shapes and sizes. I wanted to keep with flat shoes as London is a big city and even though everything is close it feels like sometimes you can walk for miles! So picked some spiked high tops which add such an edge to the outfit. I accessories with big sunglasses, a fedora hat and some stacked rings. Comfy, easy to wear and stylist. Perfect for a day out in London!"

So thats the competition. I hope I've explained it enough if not do head over to the Travel Supermarket Worldwide Wardrobe page for more information and possibly a bit clearer than I can explain! I can't wait to see all you're entries! Goodluck!

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I am being compensated for my role as a judge for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition.


  1. ooo, sounds like a fun competition and great prize. Got to have a careful think and pick the place first.... :)

    Amelia xxx

    PS: Come say hello at! :) x

  2. sounds great

  3. Love the sunglasses! and competition sounds like fun

    jess xx

  4. Love this idea! I may have to enter, so look out for my entry. Hahaha!

    -Elodie x

  5. I've entered!! I love competitions like this!!
    (I am having a blog giveaway so please do come and visit! x)

  6. Love the outfit, such a simple and easy. Defiantly entering it! :)

    Pipp x

  7. Sounds like a cool competition! I like your picks, especially those amazing sneakers and that classy fedora.


  8. love this outfit, very london grunge! xxx

  9. I definitely want to enter this!!! :)
    Hamida X

  10. Those glasses and the rings are my favorite pieces from the collage.

    xx, Athena!

  11. Loving the sound of this competition! Must get my thinking hat on! Loving your picks :)


  12. What an incredible prize!
    Free trip to New York pleaaaaase - although being under 21 I wouldn't even be able to enjoy the cocktails yet :(

    Emily x -

  13. looove this look! i really want to enter this competition! can't believe all my favourite bloggers are judges- so cool! :)

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  15. Hi, I've just put together an outfit for the London Shopping one if you want to check it out!


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