001. My birthday went really well! Thank you all so much for all your birthday messages! I spent Saturday chilling in the sun up on Clapham Common in the sun with a Starbucks. I then planned a little BBQ with some of my friends before heading out into Brixton. Was really lovely and I didn't even wake up feeling terrible!  You can see some snaps of my birthday outfit in my previous post! The highlight of my night was my housemate showing me her insane dance moves and Zoe's vine of her singing Blink 182 to me!

002. I spent the day in Camden with my friends Matt and Dal, we went for a walk down the canal, a beer or two and a browse around the stalls. I also got something done... more on that when it heals a bit though! I bought a vintage floral (yes, floral!) long sleeved silky top from Rockit. Two things I don't do,  floral and vintage. However it's my standard monochrome style so it can be excused! I shall wear it tomorrow on the blog so everyone can see it! The weather is so lush at the moment. I was sitting at my desk this morning thinking, gosh I could get used to this!

003. Im starting the 5:2 diet tomorrow after hearing loads of good feedback on the diet. I think I need some focus to get healthy and sort my food intake out. Im a chocolate fiend at the moment (I don't even like it that much) and I feel like I eat way too much cereal and toasted muffins! I also need to decide in the next few days if I want to go on the annual family holiday or not! My fittness has declined in recent months too because literally every time I've attempted to run I get shin splints. I've bought new running shoes but its still not doing anything about it. I really need to rejoin the gym and do something low impact like going on the cross trainer!

004. Remember to check out the Worldwide Wardrobe challenge that I posted about last week. You could be in with a chance to win a trip to a fashionable city

005. I've got a giveaway planned for the next week which I just need to finalise over the next few days. Should be a good one! I haven't done one on the blog for a looong loong time! I do them quite frequently over on Instagram so keep an eye out for those!