001. Today Me and Dal spent the day "groovin'" and reminiscing on 90's music after spending most of last night dancing to dated tunes and giggling. We're both super tired after eating way too much food in Bodeans for lunch we just lay there doing the dance moves to S Club 7 and Steps! I can only imagine what our neighbours might have thought if they looked in our window.

002. Counting down the days until Game of Thrones starts again on the 31st March. It's my favourite book and I'm a big fan of the series. I honestly cant wait to see how it translates to screen, despite my inner nerd rage coming out every time something that happens in the show is different in the books. A Storm Of Swords is my favourite book, and not to be all spoilery but there will be some SERIOUS shocks in the next two series. Makes me squee with joy…

003. I made a new video over on my Youtube Channel which you can check out here. It's a bit like a room tour but not!

004. I made Anna's now infamous Ben's Cookies inspired cookies and haven't stopped eating them since. They are seriously delicious and SO moorish. I think I ate about 5 today. Guilty Melrose! I cant bake to be honest, but these are immensely good and easy to make. Definitely something I shall be making again. Although Im desperate to be good and eat well again! I cant say these are good for the ol' diet considering they have SO much glorious chocolatey bits in them.

005. Highlights this week over on ETCLLYMLRS include my new favourite cream eyeshadow in Ample Amber from Clinique, Five beautiful lipsticks for spring, A little talk through of my springtime beauty. I also talked about my new hair cut and colour at Headmasters and reviewed some of the much buzzed about And Other Stories Nail polishes.