bioderma launch UK buy stockists

Last night I attended a talk on Bioderma. Now you might have heard the name floating around the Blogasphere over the last year or so. Bioderma Crealine H2O Micellar Solution has been hailed by us Bloggers as the makeup remover of all makeover removers. Praised to high heavens and lusted about by skincare addicts. If you wanted to read my review of the micellar solution then check it out here. I was indifferent to be honest, but I did genuinely like it. It removes makeup effortlessly with minimal tugging. The only thing that let it down for me was the fact I couldn't get it easily in the UK. In the UK Bioderma Crealine h2O will be known as Bioderma Sensibo h2O, pretty much anywhere that isn't France actually calls it Sensibo!

A bit more about Bioderma as a brand, It's a French brand that is driven by "biology at the service of dermatology". They are focus on high performance and results driven products. Did you know that one bottle of the Bioderma Sensibo Solution is sold every 6 seconds! Bioderma were also the first to pioneer the super popular Micellar Water in the form of Sensibo h2O. There is much more to Biodema thank the Sensibo h2O range too. They actually have five skincare ranges launching in the UK including a Sebium range aimed at those with oily and combination skin, Atoderm Range from Bioderma is designed for Dry and Atopic skin, Hydrabio is for Dehydrated skin and lastly the Photoderm which is the sun care line.

Bioderma will be available from "leading pharmacists" nationwide and dermatologists. Now exactly what that means I cant say for sure quite yet. I've heard some independent pharmacies in the UK stock it already and you can purchase it online at I'm cant say for sure if this will actually be available at Boots or Superdrug like most of us were hoping for. Bioderma Sensibo h2O is going be priced around the £9.99 mark for 250ml bottle which is fairly reasonable for such a large bottle.

Overall I'm pretty excited about the range coming over to the UK. I do like Bioderma as a brand and I was intrigued to find out that there is more to them than just micellar water! I have a few products to test out over the next few weeks so I'll report back on my findings soon!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I've had confirmation that Bioderma WONT be stocked in Boots or Superdrug. It is available in a fair few independent pharmacies so it might be worth checking your local ones out!