L'Oreal CC Creams review swatch photo

CC Creams is the beauty Industries new darling, hailed as the next best thing in colour correcting beautifiers. They have all the benefits of BB creams with with adding tone correcting powers. The L'Oreal CC Creams come in three shades that have been formulated to help reduce redness, revive tired skin and counteract dullness. The magical creams claim to add a veil to the skin as well as boast a variety of skincare benefits.

L'Oreal CC Cream comes in the shades purple (to counteract dullness), green (to counteract redness) and peach (to couneract fatigue). I've tried out the purple one to counteract some of the dullness in my sallow skin tone. When swatched on the back of your hand to it looks super lilac, like its going to make your face look ridiculous. However blended in it adapts to your skin tone and the pigment evens out.The finish is flawless and glowly and does take a lot of sallowness out of my skin. However I don't think I'd wear it alone as it gives very little coverage which isn't to my personal taste. I do think worn under a foundation it would look really lovely.

I'm not sold on BB creams or CC creams or whatever the next double letter fad is going to be. Coloured primers aren't really new in the beauty industry either but it's nice to see something like this going onto the UK highstreet market. At £9.99 a pop they aren't super cheap but might be worth trying out if you have skin tone woes that need correcting.