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Gosh for the sake of finding a link for this kimono I saw it went down to £10 in the sale! £10! I paid like £50 for it *shakes fist* CURSE YOU TOPSHOP! Boo. Im so annoyed! I swear pretty much everything I buy goes into the sale, I cant work out if that means I like things no one else does or shops just generally hate me. I've worn this outfit on the blog before a few months ago but it's what I wore today so I guess I can repeat it again! I really love these corduroy leggings that I picked from ASOS. I haven't worn anything corduroy since those horrendous super wide flares that were fashionable in 2003. I think I had a bright red pair! How hideous! But these are great, and really warm too. They just add a different texture to the look which I like. I also made a video to go alongside this so head over to Youtube to give it a little look if you're that way inclined!

Tonights my housemate and best pal's birthday so we're off to Central for food and cocktails. I literally cannot wait. I've been trying to rest up today and fingers crossed I'll be alright going out for a bit. I made a feeble attempt to go out last night but lasted a few hours before heading back home.