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I didn't end up being able to post yesterday, Not that I was too hungover or anything I just ended up spending the day with my friends and striding into 2013! I had a fun new year with the people I love the most and woke up feeling slightly headachey but nothing compared to some weekends! My new years resolutions are pretty standard: lose weight, work out more and be happier. My main one is to take more risks and actually strive towards the things I want in life rather than settle for second best. I've always been a really strong person, I've dealt with a lot of things in my life but I feel I've become complacent with my life at the moment and keep doing the same "safe" things as it's the easiest. I want to be a better person and take more chances, do what I love, FALL in love and keep going and most importantly say YES more!

Blogging goal wise, well I don't know. I want to feel happy and confident with what I do on here again. Although I try and put all my effort into my blogs, I cant help but feel in recent months seems to have slipped I've been so busy working outside of blogging. It's frustrating knowing you have all this stuff to share but not enough hours in the day to do it. Number 1 on my blogging resolutions list is to definitely organise my blogging life more and set myself more of a schedule. I want to make more videos, especially more creative videos as well. I wish I had someone (need to find myself a photographer boyfriend!) to help me get all my videos ideas filmed, but its hard when you're one person and a tripod! One day my vision for my Youtube channel will hopefully come true! But until then I want to keep learning how to film, edit and aim towards making videos at a professional quality. Another goal is to comment more, I feel the ammount of comments on blogs is declining and declining. Part of the thrill of blogging is logging in and seeing those comments in the comment section and people reacting to your posts. I think the rise of immediate reactions (Facebook likes/thumbs up's) has really contributed to that and the number of comments I see on posts go down and down. Although I've never been much of a commenter on the internet, but from now on I'm going to make a conscious effort to comment on at least 5 blogs per day.

What are your resolutions? Blogging or real life! I'd love to know! I wish you all a safe, happy and flourishing start to 2013!