sunday portrait week 136

Sunday, September 30, 2012

001. It's been a while since I've done one of these huh? I don't know why they've stopped. I post my face on this blog constantly so it felt like it was a bit silly doing this because I started it when I didn't show my face so much but hey. It's Sunday and I'm currently sitting at my laptop trying to plan the week ahead and try and get some solid thoughts and posts ready to post on my blog!

002. This week I've been to and from London once again. I went to a TresSemme event for the launch of their new Texture range on Tuesday night at the Heron Tower and we ate at Duck and Waffle which was actually incredible. The food was never ending and the wine was flowing. I'm sure a few of us a bloggers were nursing a sore head the next morning! I stayed at Emma's with Kate and then the next day we popped to a Clarisonic event. Then this weekend I went down again for some freelance work and to sort a few things regarding my new house (see point three!). I also ate a lot of food and was very very lazy, The best kind of weekend (:

003. Other awesome news from the weekend has to be the fact I have a new house! It's all signed and will be paid for tomorrow so all I'm waiting for is a move in date. Hopefully it will be about two weeks, but considering this week has flown by I'm hoping it will come around sooner rather than later! No more dreaming about storage or sleeping on floors! I literally can't wait to have all my nice things around me and access to all my stuff. I'm really struggling without my usual skincare, hair care, makeup collection and most importantly my lack of shoes! One pair is simply not enough.

004. Blogging burnout seems to have subsided a bit over the last week and I'm getting inklings about getting back to it. It's probably been a month now since I went a bit missing in action from the blogging world- and honestly I'm so happy I've taken a step back. It's refreshing in some ways to not worry about things like what time of day to take photos, if I'll have time to post before I go out, replying to PR enquires, making sure I have enough content for the week. I've been blogging pretty much daily for three years now and been doing it "full time" for the past year. It got to the point where I felt stale and although not forced I just didn't really wanna sit down and do it. I think it's so easy to get burnt out, uninspired and feel like you're not relevant anymore in such an over saturated and constantly changing "game". Honestly I can't say how inspired and refreshed I feel after taking a little leave and planning what's next for my two blogs and what I want to do next. What excites me most is that my new room has absolutely perfect lighting so I can't wait to set my tripod up and snap some images. I never really wanted to be a "full time blogger", it was just something that happened after I finished university. While I do a lot of freelance projects with various brands, I don't know if it is time for me to get a "real" job and stop living the blogger dream!

barry m jewel britannia

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

barry m jewel britannia review swarch photo nail polish varnish
barry m jewel britannia: boots / superdrug / barry m (£2.99)

Red, White and Blue

A new addition to my always growing glitter topcoat collection is Barry M Jewel Britannia. A fun, clear based glitter packed full of small particles of silver glitter and then layered with large chunks of red, blue and silver. Brought out as part of the Jubilee and Olympic celebration's here in the UK, it's a limited edition shade so be sure to snap it up soon if you're looking to purchase it as I can't imagine it being around for a whole lot longer. For the purposes of the blog post I've layered it here with Revlon Red and Ciate Snow White (Im sure you can tell which is which!) but it is actually opaque in about three coats so you could go for full on glitter nails or just simply to a full coat accent nail!

Save The Bees with Neal's Yard Remedies

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bee Lovely

Neal’s Yard Remedies has recently launched a new ‘Bee Lovely’ organic beauty product range and have been campaigning to stop the use of deadly neonic pesticides which are killing bees all over the world. This is responsible for the loss of 80% of beehives in the UK. To help save the bee's they need 100,000 UK signatures on their Bee Lovely petition. So far they've made a good start but need help to get more signature by the end of November so we can present it to parliament and request the British government join France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia in banning these powerful pesticides, and help protect the bees. You can help their cause by signing the petition at and promoting the cause via the #beelovely hashtag or following @NYR_Official.
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disclaimer: this post is a charity/campaign I support post & not sponsored. I was not compensated for posting.

where are you?

Monday, September 24, 2012

image 1: primark jacket, ebay ring
image 2: monki dress
image 5: with zoe & topshop dress
image 7: primark dress, asos high tops*, zara bag, vintage coat

So, What's going on right? Basically I've been trying to move house for the past three weeks or so but it completely fell through last weekend and Im currently back at my Mum's in Ludlow. Unfortunately we had one of the most nutcase and unhinged landlords (his names Karl Evans and properties in the Clapham/Balham area, ooh name and shame!) left us in the lurch by literally treating us like children and storming out of our contract signing. It's not the end of the world as I do have somewhere to stay at the moment. But the major downside is because I work from home I couldn't really stay with friends in London as I really don't wanna be a huge burden. So I've moved home for a bit. I've seen places I like over the past few days and hopefully I can keep looking while I'm away so my flatmate can go check them out. Everything goes so quickly in London and in the area we want to live it's a real struggle getting a 3-4 bed at the moment.

Obviously my blogging schedule is completely out of the window and I really haven't had any time to blog let alone trying to think about what to post about. All my stuff is in storage now and I can't lug my tripod and tons of clothes or makeup around with me so it's going to be a bit tricky for a while. So I'm going on hiatus for a bit. I'll be back for sure just whenever I actually have a proper roof over my head in London again! I'll post some sporadic updates when I can, but I think instagram outfits might be all I can muster up for the time being!

I know most people understand where I'm at and why I can't blog at the moment, and I really appreciate your patience and understanding while I'm away. I just thought I'd do a official post on it as I know not everyone follows me on every social media platform under the sun!

kate moss matte lipsticks

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo in shades #110, #101, #111, #113, #107
Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo in shades #110, #101, #111, #113, #107
Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo in shades #110, #101, #111, #113, #107
Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo #110
Kate Moss Lipstick in #110
Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo #101
Kate Moss Lipstick in #101Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo #111
Kate Moss Lipstick in #111Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo #113
Kate Moss Lipstick in #113Kate Moss Matte Lipstick review swatch photo in shades #107
Kate Moss Lipstick in #107

Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks in shades #110, #101, #111, #113, #107*
Drugstore Matte Lipsticks

I'm a huuuuge fan of matte lipsticks. I don't know why but I love the creaminess and the full coverage opaque look on the lips. I know alot of people really worry about them as they tend to emphasise imperfections and dryness on the lips. However the new Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipsticks are unlike the old chalky, stiff and drying lipsticks. They are velvet soft, highly pigmented and apply so smoothly. Opqaue in one swipe they glide on without enhancing imperfections to leave a matte satin finish on the lips. They wear really comfortably and last a good 4 hours before needing reapplication. My only complaint would be their taste, they have that horrible drugstore synthetic fruity taste to them, but it does wear off quickly when worn. My personal favourites are #101 and #113. Although I have to admit #107 really impressed me, I don't really like dark lips but the dark cherry shade would be perfect for autumn winter!

london fashion week ss13 day three

Monday, September 17, 2012

(photo by Jaime from Boy Meets Fashion)
bralet: new look
skirt: H&M
jacket: boohoo
hat: asos
scarf: river island
shoes: swedish hasbeens via sarenza*
bag: zara

The wonderful and ever so talented Jaime from Boy Meets Fashion kindly took some outfit snaps for me on Sunday Afternoon and sent them over to me today. I spent Sunday at LFW doing street style for some get the look features I'm planning on doing at some point. I also wore Xen Tan Absolute Luxe Fake Tan if anyone is wondering about my brownness. I didn't like it at first and the hefty price tag really puts me off the idea of repurchasing it but the colour is stunning. Tanned without being too orange as this is the colour I naturally go in the sun!

Sorry I'm all over the place at the moment and the blog is really, really suffering as a result of it all! I'll update you all tomorrow on my personal goings on. Things have messed up a bit in my life but I shall get things up to speed tomorrow and what's going to be happening with the blog going forward!  Anyone who met me over the weekend can see how stressed out I was about work, blogging and home so it might be nice to get it all out in a blog post! Dear Diary, Mood Apathetic.

LFW Snaps

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just some snaps from Felder Felder and one from Moschino. I have more shows tomorrow so hopefully some more snaps! I had an amazing seat at Felder Felder so was able to snap away happily and actually get a fair few good shots! And then last night at Moschino Cheap and Chic I was able to admire the FROW. Alexa Chung (wearing a JW Anderson x Topshop jumper!) Daisy Low and Kelly Brook were across from me and Gemma it was amazing!

london fashion week ss13: day one

Friday, September 14, 2012

(photos by Lily from What I Heart Today)

jacket: beyond retro
dress: asos
necklace: primark
bracelets: black tied* and topshop
bag: zara
shoes: topshop
nails: models own bubblegum* & topcoat i'll reveal soon!

I'm absolutely physically and mentally drained and it's only day one. There is something about the air during London Fashion Week that positively kills me. I had to dip home for a few hours to recover between shows, take a disco nap and blog. I've been to Zoe Jordan and Bora Aksu so far and then off to Felder and Felder (my fave!) and PPQ tonight. Possibly off to the PPQ Afterparty but I don't think my body can take it! I've been going to LFW enough now to know I'm never going to get street snapped like Rumi or Susie. So I just went with comfort in an easy and stylish way. I wore my favourite ASOS oversized dress and my "transformer" Primark necklace with my Topshop boots and a little jacket I got from Beyond Retro. I actually really like my outfit today because I felt comfortable, simple and stylish without being over the top. I've found basically one of the only reasons some people go to Fashion week is to look outrageous! I just think London Fashion Week is so weird as everyone really pulls out all the stops and then there are some people that literally look so effortless stylish all I want to do is bottle that bit of coolness and live that look myself! Le sigh, Sorry if this doesn't make sense. My brain is broken. I'll have coverage to show you all tomorrow though (:

Ojon Rare Blends Oil

Ojon Rare Blends Oil reviews tested
Ojon Rare Blends Oil reviews tested
the most Beautiful Hair Oil in the world 

The Ojon Rare Blend Oil is a mixture of seven natural oils which all work together to repair damaged hair. The Oil provides alot of hydration, increases the hair's shine, protects the hair from heat and enviromental exposure. The oil is made up from a blend of oils which all individually add something to the hair. This has to be the most beautiful hair oil I've ever used! When I was shown it at a meeting i did a a childish fangirl squee as I was just so in awe of it! To use you need to shake the oil up to blend them all but they all separate back into the yellow, clear and red sections after a few minutes as they all have different weights and sit on top of each other.

I love this oil as it's so decadent, nourishing and really works on my hair. I have pretty porous hair that tends to love hair oils but I find it  especially loves this one as it soaks it all up immediately. You really only need a small drop or two added to dry or damp hair. My hair was left feeling really soft, nourished and protected. Recently my hair's been a bit on the frizzy side due to overuse of heat in the past few weeks but Ojon Rare Blend it's really helped calm it down a bit and tame some of my flyways. The fact that it doesn't have a pump niggles me a tiny bit but I can get over that. I really recommend this hair oil as an alternative to Morrocan Oil, if you're looking for a oil in that sort of price range but there are cheaper alternatives to hair oils out there. This should retail for around £29, It's currently Harrods exclusive but should launch everywhere else from October.

Clarins Dark Cherry Rouge Prodige Lipstick

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clarins Dark Cherry Rouge Prodige Lipstick review swatch photo
Clarins Dark Cherry Rouge Prodige Lipstick review swatch photo
Berry Lips

Typically the words "Dark" and "Cherry" send me running for the hills when it comes to makeup. The idea of straying from my bright pink or coral matte lip scares me a tiny bit! However after attending the Clarins A/W Launch I was given a Dark Cherry Rouge Prodige Lipstick. A glamourous dark red lipstick with a creamy lightweight formulation. The pigmentation is exceptional, being completly opaque in one soft swipe. I found this lipstick to be incredibly moisturing and provide a subtle semi glossy finish. It's glossy without being too glossy or slippy on the lips which I actually really love. Much to my surprise I really do like this lipstick on me and it fits so well with the trend for berry lips this Autumn Winter. I thought it looked so dark in the tube but once applied it looks much redder and brighter.

leather sleeved jacket

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

vest: asos
skirt: topshop
jacket: river island
boots: topshop
hat: topshop
bracelet: black tied*, claires accessories*, regal rose*
nails: essie cute as a button

I think I might be obsessed with leather (or faux leather) sleeves! This is a recent addition to my jacket collection from River Island. I tried this little beauty on a few weeks ago in Westfields and then had to ask the Internet if they thought I should buy it. Obviously the answer was a resounding yes and I swiftly went to check out. I bought it home and my two housemates ending up getting it as well. It's completely sold out online now and I have a feeling it might be sold out in store but don't hold me to it! Debuting my new collarbone piecing today as well as I feel they have healed suitably well considering they were a mess when I first had them done. I'm really happy with them and love how they have turned out! I got the first set done back in April on my Birthday but my plan was always to get two lots on each side so I went back and got the second set done earlier last month!
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