H&M Fur Stole (old), New Look Fur Stole, Topshop Aztec Jumper, Primark Leather Jacket, ASOS Hat, Topshop Bugundy Beanie, River Island Fox Hat, H&M Metallic Beanie*, Topshop Burgundy Frill Ankle Socks, Primark Black Socks, Topshop Alvin BootsMonki Silver Socks-  similar http://fave.co/UPW7vs, ASOS Chelsea Boots*, ASOS Snood*, New Look Tweed Coat, River Island Tartan Scarf, Topshop Fur Coat, ASOS Long Sleeved Dress, Ebay Peter Pan Collar, Monki Sequinned Collar

I cant begin to tell you how much trouble this little 3 or so minuite video has caused me! However hopefully all my effort has paid off and you enjoy it! I basically decided to focus on some of my favourite autumn winter accessories and talk through how I wear each of them. I don't normally do things like this as I don't like the idea of telling someone what to wear. However I want to start incorporating how I wear type stuff into the blog rather than keeping it all "what i wore today" style.

So thanks for watching guys (if you did!)! I really hope you enjoyed my video and would be amazing if you could like and subscribe to my channel! I'm trying to create some more fashion content on my youtube channel rather than focusing on beauty. This is also the most complex video I've edited so i'd be interested to have some feedback on the subject and the content! Anyway, Let me know what you think in the comments about it and please let me know if you have any questions or requests as I reply to all my comments on the Youtube platform! I wish it was as easy to do blogger comments!