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So that's all of 'em! A whopping 164 outfit posts all laid out for easy viewing! I actually have omitted a few, and didn't include any of my snippet style posts or holiday outfits. But overall Im really interested in this visual record of what I wore in a year. The thing about my blog is I genuinely post what I wear that day on the day I blog about it. My style is very "samey" or "unadventurous", I wear a lot of black (I'll never understand why some people find that so odd!) and I tend to go through phases of liking different things  but it is genuinely what I wear. I didn't really start blogging to inspire people, just to record what I wore and then the side product of that was sharing them with like minded people. I don't particularly think Im stylish or fashionable, I wear the same sorts of clothes as most people my age. It's overwhelming at times hearing that you inspire others and that people bought something after you mention it! I like the idea of sharing the best of what the UK hughstreet has to offer.

When I started blogging over three and a half years ago I didn't think "highstreet" style blogging was much of a thing, it was completely dominated by "super bloggers" with eccentric but impeccable taste with seemingly endless bank accounts. Although, I'm those types of blogs biggest fan, but it's also nice to see a huge uprise of affordable and obtainable fashion blogs coming through over the years too.