I'm actually a little shocked how few outfits I shot over the period of September-December! I had a blog break for most of September and then was in-between houses for most of October, only moving into my new house to settle into it again on October 20th. I still haven't quite got my outfit posts right yet from my new house. I hate the lighting and the lack of a plain background. Especially compared to my other two sets of images I really like these the least. Its something Im going to have to keep working on but I can see the notable quality difference and it's slightly depressing! They're just missing something and the quality is so off. Argh!

Anyway, favourite outfits. I actually adore the Bronze Kimono outfit I wore a few weeks ago with the American Apparel leggings. It's the perfect casual/cool going out look without being too dressy. A super popular outfit of mine was when I wore the elephant grey dress from Love. Even though it was super risqué (the guy I was dating at the time said he could see my belly button in it!) it is a absolutely dreamy dress and the colour is just spot on. I caved in and jumped on the geek/dweeb t-shirts that everyone and their Mum is wearing with almost instant regret! Defintely a band wagon I should have steered clear of but you live and you learn! I've been big on patterned jackets and kimono's as well this season with my favourite being when I wore my Tapestry River Island blazer paired with my faux disco pants and a simple black dress. Some of my party outfits have been good's too with notable nods to what I wore to the Daily Mix launch party and the Vice 10 one!

Any favourites from this lot? Let me know in comments!