My favourite looks are the one I wore to the Glossy Box birthday bash, can never go wrong with that sparkly polka dot Topshop number. I adore the electric blue Topshop boutique dress from this outfit post, however it shrank in the wash so I had to return it before I could wear it again. These were the few months when I stated getting into trousers. From when I first got my disco pants or any of the other dupes I ended up trying out, they stuck and I literally love wearing them more than dresses or skirts now. Another of my favourite outfits was my Paisley Topshop dress, but I was super teeny tiny skinny (for me anyway) during that month so I doubt it would fit me still! I adored the cut of waist of the ASOS dress I wore while I was away on holiday in Turkey with my parents too.

My go-to going out but not out out outfit that I wore to a Puma party is also one of my favourite outfits. It's something I wear all the time, and the jacket was a mindless thrift store purchase I made! I must make a mental note to look in more vintage shops! Gahh and how much do I love my grey silk midi dress! I think I have a really bad thing for Topshop Boutique and anything silk! Another outfit I loved was the bargain boucle and leather jacket that I got from Primark and wore with my Transformer necklace. My hair looks absolutely dreamy too. Why does it not look like that normally!

Gah summer months, I loved so many of these outfits for someone who isn't a summer/hot weather dresser at all I seemed to embrace bare legs quite a bit as well as get into trousers!

Any favourites from this lot? I'll be posting one more of these style posts before the new year!