001. Its New Years Eve Eve and Christmas feels a LONG time ago! I came back to London yesterday with a stinking cold and three massive bags to struggle about with! As soon as I stepped through my front door I plopped the bags down (they are still there) and ran to my room and lay in my bed! I'll film a What I got for Christmas video as soon as I'm not as snotty and gross! Im trying to rest up and hope that I'm not ill on NYE as I have big plans with some of my favourite people! Vitamin C, Bed Rest and lots of Olbas Oil for Melrose!

002. As Im currently ill and in bed with no makeup I thought I'd share an image that was snapped of me while I was doing my Boohoo shoot a few weeks ago! Just lil' ol' me posing outside Big Ben! I cant wait to see the finals from this as it was such a fun day!

003. I cant wait for my sale purchases to come! I bought the Zara heels I'd had my eyes on for a while, as well as a new leather tote bag. Beauty wise I purchased the Redken Extreme Range including Anti Snap, Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and the new Xen Tan Morrocan Tan which I cant wait to get my paws on! Apparently it smells like an absolute dream and I've heard nothing but glowing reviews about the colour! I haven't been to any sales in store yet as I don't get paid until the end of the month so fingers crossed there is some bits left for me to splash out on once I have some money again! God bless anyone who managed to venture out on Boxing Day to get the best bargains, I just couldn't do it!

004. Remember last week when I mentioned that I was having issues with my subscriber feed? Basically it SHOULD fingers crossed be fixed now. Something boring to do with my RSS feed not working and being undiscoverable on the blog page. So if you follow this blog, and it doesn't come up in your Blogger dashboard you'll need to unsubscribe and refollow the blog and it should work as the feed is now valid. Phew!

005. A lot of people ask about my JWLRY shop, It's closed at the moment but I do have some stock left which I've decided to sell off. I'd love to be able to do it again, but I don't know if I have the time to run that as well as the other work I'm doing at the moment. Although it does depend on demand I suppose I might reopen somewhere down the line!