001. I've spent today chilling and listening to the ultimate babe that is Dallas Green. I took a trip to Primark in the hope I could pick up some new bedding, but nothing took my fancy unfortunately! I'm now planning to spend the rest of my evening watching the X Factor Final, doing my washing and sorting out my room. I swear I clean my room every single day but it always ends up being messy again less than 24 hours later. Sigh!

002. I had my hair done again yesterday so it's much blonder than it was before. Once again Jason at Lisa Shepherd out did himself and gave me the exact look I wanted. I was so lucky and was able to bring a friend along (who now has Ombre hair!) I'll be doing a full post on it at some point this week I just need to get her to pose for a pic for it! I had a sort of set of highlights as well as a trim as my hair has just taken a turn for the worse recently and looks a bit raggedy.

003. I'm still all bah humbug about Christmas. Im not a christmas person, well, I say Im not but I'll get into the spirit eventually! My flatmate keeps trying to get me to go see Christmas lights, go to markets and do a variety of Christmassy stuff but I just cant get into the swing of it! She's making mince pies tonight (yuck!) bless her! Maybe I'll get there soon! I really need to pull my finger out and actually go shopping (or even just do it online!) I always think male members of the family are the hardest to buy for so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I've posted some beauty gift ideas over on my ETCLLYMLRS blog if you wanted to see those!

004. Please subscribe you my Youtube Channel if you haven't! I've filmed some videos to go up this week including a home decor type one as well as one on some Autumn Winter accessories. I'm slowly trying to bring some more fashion onto the channel for those who have no interest in beauty so hopefully they will go down well! Not to go all social media complainer on you but I really don't understand how to use the new Youtube!