primark jacket
black tied bracelets*
river island flatforms

This is the outfit I wore to the Vice Party on Thursday night to celebrate their 10th Birthday. Free bar happened, Thirsty Thursday happened, Drunk Lily happened. I spend most of yesterday in an alcohol induce haze (I was still drunk in the afternoon!). I ended up shouting I GET WET (context, it's an Andrew WK song, he played that night) at a lot of people and generally had a messy, but awesome night with some of the best people I know.

This outfit is in collaboration with Boohoo's #partypose campaign. I shall be styling this skirt in  a few different ways for different holiday occasions. I'd say this is a good Christmas party style outfit, it's dressy but also pretty fun and appropriate for a bar or party. I really love the skirt but it's annoying that I cant iron it because of it's material. Although after a bit of googling apparently you can iron sateen, even though I was under the impression it was a bad idea! This was taken literally as I took it out of the packet hence it being on the creased side but after hanging it for a few days it's gone pretty straight again thankfully! Although lets face it it's been lying in a heap on my bedroom floor since I stumbled home in the early hours Friday morning!