topshop cut out arm top via ebay

I had some meetings in central today with some brands and about a project I'm working on so I was in Central so therefore decided to pop to the shops. I had some Toppers stuff to return so decided to have a little browse. I settled on this Kimono, despite it's hefty price tag. I justified it because my returns were out of date therefore it didn't count! Please tell me it doesn't count! It's just absolutely gorgeous and so perfect. I might actually wear it on Christmas day come to think of it with a simple black dress and some nice shoes. I also wore my new faux leather trousers which I picked up a few weeks ago but not been brave enough to wear quite yet! I seem to prefer wearing trousers/leggings these days over skirts and stuff, despite the fact I could do with running a few laps around Clapham Common a bit more often! I know Kim K is always slated for being curvy and wearing leather trousers but oh well! I felt like Ross from Friends when I was trying to squeeze my bum into them this morning! I really like that River Island does their trousers in Short, Regular and Long as it means they don't need rolling up or anything!

I decided to swap my location for where I take my outfit photos as the lighting just wasn't doing it for me. For some reason it made my face look puffy, my eyes look super dark and the lighting just look overall a bit dull! So I've moved over to wear my bedroom door is as the lighting is in front of me rather than being side lit like my old location. Obviously it's not the same background but I think it looks a whole lot better visually. Let me know!