topshop coat
H&M sequin skirt

This is the outfit I wore to the Daily Mix launch on Monday! Daily Mix is basically a collab sort of channel with a bunch of the UK's top Youtubers which produces fresh content 5 days a week. Like I mentioned yesterday it was really fun and lots of drinks and dancing were had! I really liked the mixture of the dressy skirt with the slogan tee. I was going to wear a Metallica tee (geddit, metallics) but I decided to go with this one instead. The dress code was dress to impress but I didn't want to over dress as I'm never sure how dressy dressy is supposed to be.  So I compromised with the snazzy skirt instead. It cut my arms to pieces to the point where it looks like I've been attacked by a cat or something but it was worth it!

Compared to the essay I wrote yesterday this is relaively short! I'm off to go to a Topman pop up event and I havent even sorted my hair or my makeup out as I shot these images on Tuesday! Argghhhh….