tosphop fur coat (old)
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I don't often wear trousers but I see myself more and more opting towards them over skirts and dresses. These River Island Disco-Pant style trousers are my current favourites. They come in different leg lengths (obviously I wear the short versions!) and they feel perfect. Similar to disco pants without the shine but all of the sucky-in-ness that I like in the disco pants! I wasn't sure about these shoes at first either. I love them but they are so inappropriate for winter, but I know if I did return them I would eventually be annoyed that I missed them. They were only £28 which I think is fairly good for what they are as they look and feel a lot more expensive than they look. Although my feet won't be thanking me later when they are freezing cold!

The main reason I tend to wear skirts is that I always worry about them making me look an odd shape. If you are a long time follower you know might have noticed I battle with my weight a lot. I tend to fluctuate between a 8-10-12 (I was also a size 14 when I started this blog!) on a regular basis depending on the time of year! Being homeless made me pile on the lbs (home cooking and then eating out when I was at friends houses) so Im currently about a 12 on the bottom. Im pretty curvy at the end of the day but for a change I don't feel uncomfortable in trousers. I always felt it enhanced my lumps and bumps and generally made me feel weird. I think I've actually found more trousers that suit my petite curvy frame rather than trying to squeeze myself into jeans that don't suit me or are too long. I know some of you guys never wear trousers either but I cant say how happy and confident I feel in them now I have ones that actually fit properly. Compare that to to how I used to feel it's a massive step forward! I cant stress the importance of shopping around when it comes to finding bottoms (as in trousers, not actual bums!)!

Tonight Im off to events again. A Paul Mitchell one and a Estee Lauder one and then my favourite is coming over for a sleepover! Cant wait (: Last night I went to a Urban Decay event and met with the Product Development Director of their products which was incredible. So interesting learning about the origins of products, how they name them and the process behind some of my favourite makeup. When we left La Bodega Negra we even saw Geri Halliwell (She is TEENY TINY)! How crazy!