really old floral new look dress
claires accessories and black tied bracelets*
asos boots*
swatch watch

I have to admit I've had this New Look dress for a very long time. If you didn't know I used to work at New Look, and dabbled in a bit of Visual Merchendising. It wasn't my dream job by any stretch of the imagination but I think the dressing up and setting of clothes was always fun and kept me busy! This dress was part of my uniform. I think it's the perfect winter floral print in soft greys, blues and pinks. As you all probably know I'm not that big on patterns, florals especially but this one really does it for me!

First outing of my ASOS flat Chelsea Boots that they kindly got for me when I did my ASOS Haul video. I really love them actually even though they are a bit on the stiff side! I hardly walked anywhere today (well I walked from my house to Clapham Common) and I have some blisters already ): Must keep going as these are definitely going to my my new favourite boots!