primark necklace
swatch watch

This is the outfit I wore yesterday but I really liked it and ended up snapping it today to show you guys. The lighting is terrible at the moment, now that I've accepted winter is coming and should therefore take my outfits much, much earlier! I'm pretty sick today as my cold has sort of upped its game and I'm a snotty, sniffling mess! I bought some lemon and honey to make some hot drinks to get me through the rest of the day! After I did these outfit photos I admittedly changed back into my onesie, frog socks and dressing gown!

I love this ASOS swing dress, I have the long and short sleeved versions as I think it's so wearable and perfect for any occasion. I paired it with my beloved black New Look fur stole, which had it's first outing of the season. I can't express how much I love that stole! It's perfect for adding a luxe edge to any outfit! I don't know if they have them this season, but I know you can buy them from Topshop or River Island at the moment! Currently this River Island jacket, that Im literally asked about all the time is in stock on the ASOS website so I recommend snapping it up if you've had your eye on it! I know River Island have been sold out of this grey version for a while now! A black and a red version are still on River Island though!