001. First off, this time next week I'll be in my new house. I'll be staying in the same area of London I was before, South West but just moving to a new house. It's a six bed, but my room is lovely, large and bright. We've signed 18 months so Im definitely hoping to stay there a long time! I've bought a ton of new storage from Ikea ready for my new room. Any posts on interior design type posts will be greatly received! Link me in the comments!

002. Next week I'm getting back to looking more like "me". Since I've been home I've hardly worn makeup, not used anything fancy on my skin or hair and I haven't painted my nails in four whole weeks. I've let myself go a bit, to the point where I wore my brothers clothes today and I probably haven't worn a bra in a whole week! Next week I'm getting my hair coloured at Lisa Shepherd (I'm going Cara Delevingne blonde), getting my eyebrows done, a spray tan and I'm determind to do my nails! Just want to get back to feeling ~fabulous~ and myself again! I can't explain how much I just want to be around all my nice things again!

003. Have you subscribed to my Youtube Channel? I'm going to give that a go full force once I've returned so any suggestions of video's you'd like to see would be really welcome! I know Im going to film a everyday eye makeup thing and then I have planned to do the usual whats in my bag! I might do one on storage for my new bedroom and homeware! I'm going to buy a camcorder I think just for Youtube so I can possibly film some outfit of the day stuff!

004. I've been asked alot recently but my jewellery shop WILL be reopening once I've returned to London and settled. It's been closed alot longer than I had hoped for but it will be reopened soon so you can get my rings again (: