001. What a week, Back to "normality" with a side of flu and general rubbishness! I've been ill most of the week and today is no exception! I was in bed for most of the day, did a little retail therapy (see above mini haul video) and now I've just got back from collecting a cheeky Nandos (Ooops) now that I live even closer to it! I had a lovely weekend as I went to see the new James Bond movie and then I went to possibly my favourite restaurant in London Meat Liquor! Honestly, if your in London check it out! We went around 6/7 and did have to queue a while before we got in, and then had to wait some more at the bar. But it's just sooo good. Dead Hippy Burger FTW.

002. Halloween is my favourite of all holidays! Any excuse to dress up! Im either going to a halloween party next weekend as the Keyboard Cat or a unicorn. When I decide I'll post a photo up! Not 100% sure yet! Speaking of dressing up, I've got some snaps to share from a party me and Zoe hosted at the London Dungeons where we hosted a party for 02 and Blackberry to celebrate the launch of the red Blackberry curve! Was so much fun and we have some great photos to share!

003. This week I did a fancy smancy shoot with Estee Lauder and Heart with a few other bloggers for something they are doing around Christmas. I hate being on camera, then to do it on a professional level with 10+ people there to stare at you is highly daunting! I hope it comes together in the end though, I'll share it once I do! I've done some TV work before but nothing like sitting in front of the camera and trying to talk through things! My intro took about an hour of the whole shoot and that was just me saying "HI IM LILY MELROSE AND TODAY IM GOING TO BE DOING..."

004. JWLRY is reopening next week! Once I was settled I knew I was going to reopen the store again, It just took a lot longer than I anticipated! I've been getting so many questions about this at the moment so hopefully that will clear up all the answers (: I'll be restocking the 5 mixes first, and then the individual rings will be back a few weeks after that!