forever 21 fur gilet
claires accessories turquoise cross bracelet*
kukee ring & local market stall ring
essie skirting the issue & accent nail in stay the night by OPI* (see post)

I couldn't resist wearing this River Island drop hem tee despite it being ridiculously creased from being in storage. It's one of my favourite pieces as it has a really unusual dipped hem back that has a sheer triangle cut out back. I don't rate H&M leggings, and these ones are no exception. Too baggy on the knees, they don't fit properly on my hips so slip down and are already fraying at the seams. 100% sticking to my usual American Apparel ones!

Getting back into routine today with working, blogging and life. My room is semi-sorted so I felt a bit more settled to sit down and do stuff again! I should be at events tonight but I'm a bit ill at the moment from stress and just general being run down-ness (plus, that time of year/things going round!)