primark studded pumps
eylure 224 eyelashes
claires accessories bow headband

A week or two ago me and my good pal Zoe from the London Lipgloss hosted a party for Blackberry and 02 at the London Dungeons. It was to celebrate the launch of the new Red Blackberry Curve 9320 which is exclusive to 02. We went on a trip around the London Dungeons, I've never been so it was a real experience! But it was good fun and we all really got into the pre-halloween spirit!

You may or may not know but I hurt my back the day before I moved back to London and I literally couldn't walk or move! My Aunty had to drive me to Newport as I couldn't physically put my bag on the train! Anyway, I was in a lot of pain but I soldered though because it was too fun to not go to! I was going for a Lady Gaga / Evil Dolly kind of look as Zoe wanted to go as Prison Gaga from the Telephone video. I wore a Topshop dress (it's now not online), Primark studded flats (although Missguided gifted me these awesome Gaga inspired shoes, but due to my back problems I couldn't wear them) and an amazing wig I got off ebay!

Big thank you to the people at 02 & Blackberry, and of course the London Dungeons and everyone who came along to the event! It was literally the most fun I've had at an event ever! Blackberry have created a ton of content related to Halloween and looking scary on their Youtube Channel! Check it out because some of the ideas are awesome! The Red Blackberry Curve 9320 is exclusive to O2.
DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post, 02 & Blackberry paid for my outfit but I was not compensated for anything else to do with this project.