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IM BACK! Gosh I can't put into words how happy I was when I set my Tripod up earlier to take some outfit snaps earlier! I don't feel like my photos are quite right yet, I probably need to practice a bit more before I can get a style done! I don't have as the same ammount of room in my new bedroom as I did my old one so it might be a while before I can work out exactly how Im going to take them! In these Im lit from the side, which is alright but I prefer having the light front facing! #bloggerproblems!

So, the outfit! I picked up this camouflage jacket a few weeks ago from Primark for around £12. Im not 100% sold on the camo jacket trend, I think they can look really… mannish and unflattering but this jacket has grown on me. I had to pick off all the horrible Primark embroidery, but I do think overall it's quite nice! Im wearing a standard LLYMLRS oversized smock dress, statement necklace and my much loved Topshop Alvins. Im in the market for a new pair of boots as these ones have had so much wear since I bought them a few months ago. I'd love a pretty pair of brown/tan ones! Need to get searching!

I got my hair done on Friday, so as you can see it's a lot blonder than it was. I've done a full post on it on my other blog as I had a feeling this blog post would get super long if I didn't split it! I have so much I want to share but literally don't want to bore you all with a huge paragraph of my rambling! I also included a little video ramble that I made for my Youtube Channel (which I thought I deleted earlier and gave myself a heart attack!) so you can see me moving and stuff! And get a better idea on my new hair! It just doesn't photograph or translate well to camera like it does in real life! Sigh!
Anyway, if you'd subscribe it would make me happy!

Now please excuse me while I go pamper myself and order some nice new things! It's so nice to be around all my products, lotions and potions again and be able to buy clothes without having to worry about how Im actually going to get them back to London! Time for Face mask, Hair mask, Nails… the works! The ammount of exclamation marks in this post just shows how happy I am to be back!