image 1: primark jacket, ebay ring
image 2: monki dress
image 5: with zoe & topshop dress
image 7: primark dress, asos high tops*, zara bag, vintage coat

So, What's going on right? Basically I've been trying to move house for the past three weeks or so but it completely fell through last weekend and Im currently back at my Mum's in Ludlow. Unfortunately we had one of the most nutcase and unhinged landlords (his names Karl Evans and properties in the Clapham/Balham area, ooh name and shame!) left us in the lurch by literally treating us like children and storming out of our contract signing. It's not the end of the world as I do have somewhere to stay at the moment. But the major downside is because I work from home I couldn't really stay with friends in London as I really don't wanna be a huge burden. So I've moved home for a bit. I've seen places I like over the past few days and hopefully I can keep looking while I'm away so my flatmate can go check them out. Everything goes so quickly in London and in the area we want to live it's a real struggle getting a 3-4 bed at the moment.

Obviously my blogging schedule is completely out of the window and I really haven't had any time to blog let alone trying to think about what to post about. All my stuff is in storage now and I can't lug my tripod and tons of clothes or makeup around with me so it's going to be a bit tricky for a while. So I'm going on hiatus for a bit. I'll be back for sure just whenever I actually have a proper roof over my head in London again! I'll post some sporadic updates when I can, but I think instagram outfits might be all I can muster up for the time being!

I know most people understand where I'm at and why I can't blog at the moment, and I really appreciate your patience and understanding while I'm away. I just thought I'd do a official post on it as I know not everyone follows me on every social media platform under the sun!