001. It's been a while since I've done one of these huh? I don't know why they've stopped. I post my face on this blog constantly so it felt like it was a bit silly doing this because I started it when I didn't show my face so much but hey. It's Sunday and I'm currently sitting at my laptop trying to plan the week ahead and try and get some solid thoughts and posts ready to post on my blog!

002. This week I've been to and from London once again. I went to a TresSemme event for the launch of their new Texture range on Tuesday night at the Heron Tower and we ate at Duck and Waffle which was actually incredible. The food was never ending and the wine was flowing. I'm sure a few of us a bloggers were nursing a sore head the next morning! I stayed at Emma's with Kate and then the next day we popped to a Clarisonic event. Then this weekend I went down again for some freelance work and to sort a few things regarding my new house (see point three!). I also ate a lot of food and was very very lazy, The best kind of weekend (:

003. Other awesome news from the weekend has to be the fact I have a new house! It's all signed and will be paid for tomorrow so all I'm waiting for is a move in date. Hopefully it will be about two weeks, but considering this week has flown by I'm hoping it will come around sooner rather than later! No more dreaming about storage or sleeping on floors! I literally can't wait to have all my nice things around me and access to all my stuff. I'm really struggling without my usual skincare, hair care, makeup collection and most importantly my lack of shoes! One pair is simply not enough.

004. Blogging burnout seems to have subsided a bit over the last week and I'm getting inklings about getting back to it. It's probably been a month now since I went a bit missing in action from the blogging world- and honestly I'm so happy I've taken a step back. It's refreshing in some ways to not worry about things like what time of day to take photos, if I'll have time to post before I go out, replying to PR enquires, making sure I have enough content for the week. I've been blogging pretty much daily for three years now and been doing it "full time" for the past year. It got to the point where I felt stale and although not forced I just didn't really wanna sit down and do it. I think it's so easy to get burnt out, uninspired and feel like you're not relevant anymore in such an over saturated and constantly changing "game". Honestly I can't say how inspired and refreshed I feel after taking a little leave and planning what's next for my two blogs and what I want to do next. What excites me most is that my new room has absolutely perfect lighting so I can't wait to set my tripod up and snap some images. I never really wanted to be a "full time blogger", it was just something that happened after I finished university. While I do a lot of freelance projects with various brands, I don't know if it is time for me to get a "real" job and stop living the blogger dream!