(photos by Lily from What I Heart Today)

jacket: beyond retro
dress: asos
necklace: primark
bracelets: black tied* and topshop
bag: zara
shoes: topshop
nails: models own bubblegum* & topcoat i'll reveal soon!

I'm absolutely physically and mentally drained and it's only day one. There is something about the air during London Fashion Week that positively kills me. I had to dip home for a few hours to recover between shows, take a disco nap and blog. I've been to Zoe Jordan and Bora Aksu so far and then off to Felder and Felder (my fave!) and PPQ tonight. Possibly off to the PPQ Afterparty but I don't think my body can take it! I've been going to LFW enough now to know I'm never going to get street snapped like Rumi or Susie. So I just went with comfort in an easy and stylish way. I wore my favourite ASOS oversized dress and my "transformer" Primark necklace with my Topshop boots and a little jacket I got from Beyond Retro. I actually really like my outfit today because I felt comfortable, simple and stylish without being over the top. I've found basically one of the only reasons some people go to Fashion week is to look outrageous! I just think London Fashion Week is so weird as everyone really pulls out all the stops and then there are some people that literally look so effortless stylish all I want to do is bottle that bit of coolness and live that look myself! Le sigh, Sorry if this doesn't make sense. My brain is broken. I'll have coverage to show you all tomorrow though (: