top: asos*
jacket: missguided*
bracelets: claries accessories*, topshop & black tied*
ring: topshop
necklace: regal rose
nails: maybelline ceramic blue* and urban outfits twinkle

Gosh I feel like this is definitely one of those ~"courtesy of"~ blog posts which I personally really dislike. I'm all for a bit of product placement within the blogging industry, I get why it happens and how it benefits brands and bloggers. But If I'm honest, I personally really don't really enjoy blogs where almost every item is gifted. I feel it takes away from the personal element a tiny bit and I can't put my finger on why it rubs me the wrong way so much. Even from a blogger point of view who regularly gets offered stuff I find it tedious seeing it, so I have no idea how it looks to people who just read blogs. Mini ranty blogger rant over. The outfit.

I kept it simple with a huuuugeeeee massssiiiiveee overrrriszedd tee from ASOS, my ol' faithful american Apparel leggings and a recent addition to my wardrobe this pleather and denim jacket from Misguided. The ever so lovely Sara said I could pick a few items to style and this was one of them I knew I just had to get my grubby hands on. I think the mixture of denim and pleather sits really well together and gives it a bit of an edge to a pretty boring outfit! Also pulled out my River Island Flatforms today, I haven't worn them in a while in favour of my beloved Alvin's but I forgot how nice they look on. I think they really flatter my figure and my legs!

Thought I'd include the video I filmed earlier as well as it's the same outfit so you can kinda see it moving a bit! I added the necklace later as it felt a bit plain without it!