top: H&M
skirt: topshop
jacket: beyond retro
bracelet: turkish market
ring: just access @ topshop
socks: topshop
boots: topshop
earrings: claire's accessories*
hair: see this post
nails: revlon red* & barry m jewel brittania

I very rarely wear my hair up on my blog even though I wear it up alot at home and on a day to day basis! I guess my hair is "my thing" or part of my niche so I tend to style it in the same way because I feel it's just what people know me for. I always joke about there being a revolution if I changed my hair too drastically! I've written a short tutorial on how I do this over on my second blog if you wanted to go read as I know alot of people struggle getting a messy bun style look!

None the less, this is the outfit I'm wearing for drinks on the town tonight. I picked up this amazing velvet style jacket for a measly £22 from Beyond Retro (the one off Brick Lane) which I think is an absolute bargain considering the same thing would cost about 3 times as much on the high street. I have to admit Im not into vintage shopping, Im lazy and I like things being in my size and laid out so I can see what Im getting myself into. My flatmate dragged me in last weekend and I think I may have a new love affair with all things vintage! It's a bit too big for me, but we all know thats the trouble with vintage, and the shoulders are a little too much for me but hey, I love it so I'm happy with it!

Today I've been swooning over the new Clarins releases and booked tickets to go see my favourite band Alexisonfire in December. I actually did a happy dance when my transaction came through! I've seen them before a few times but it's their farewell tour as they've split up so I think alot of sobbing will be happening during the show!