top: asos
necklace: topshop
bracelets: turkish market stall, river island*, kukee
shoes: H&M
nails: american apparel office & NYC lights camera glitter (see this post)

Kept it all black with a neon ~POP~ today. God I hate the expression "colour pop", Excuse my extreme lame-o-ness! I love this ASOS top but it's ridiculously hard to wear as the sides are so low. Im tempted to leave it without a top on underneath so my bra's subtly showing but I still feel a touch trampy leaving the house like that! So we shall see how daring I feel! Not sure what drew me to the pumps though, Im not big on colour (if you couldn't tell by the ammount of black outfits I wear) but I do like wearing little bits of it, especially neons. I saw someone in the queue in H&M wearing with these and promptly asked where I could get them from. I just had to have them! I sacrificed my place in  the really really long Oxford Street queue and ran to find them! Super comfy, although a bit wide for my narrow feet though ):

Tonight I'm off to see Funeral for a Friend with Zoe, and the realisation that Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation came out almost 10 years ago makes me want to weep. I remember when that actually came out, But I'm all for the emo nostalgia! In theory I should wear something suitably emo, but I don't think I could carry off the clothes I used to wear when I was 15. I've just taken those baby steps towards wearing skinny jeans again!