top: vintage shop (similar here)
disco pants: own the runway*
coat: topshop (old)
shoes: primark (SO old, infact read a story about them here)
bracelets: topshop & turkish market stalls
necklace: topshop
bag: ebay

Today I decided to try out another disco pant dupe from Own The Runway. Compared to the Glamourous Disco Pants these are alot blacker, not quite a true black as the Real Disco Pants are. They have the fly and back pocket details, which is signature to the real ones. The Own the Runaway pair are alot stretchier, which is much less forgiving on the figure and makes them not as "sucky in-y" as others. The material is more shiny, but sort of coated shiny rather than the spandex shiny they other two. They actually remind me of PU style leggings with a fly and back pocket. Overall I do like these, they aren't disco pants though more like shiny leggings trousers-ish things! I dunno Im terrible at explaining! I did think they would be exactly the same as the Glamourous ones but they are alot different (I think anyway!). I'd go for the Glamourous ones over these personally, even though Im not a huge fan of the colour of the Glamourous ones!

Im still not sold on any of the Disco Pant Duplicates I've seen so far, The real still win for me!