dress: topshop (£80)
shoes: new look (£24,99)
bag: new look (£15.99)
nails: models own hedonist (£5)
necklace: asos (£6)
total: £131.98

I've teamed up with Money Supermarket to be a part of a pretty fun competition in which all you need to show off your dream outfits for under £200. The aim is to create some awesome looks for autumn/winter by being as creative and money savvy as you can. I am personally judging the Party category with some other bloggers tackling the other ones . I will be looking through each and every entry too, so really put as much effort into it as you want!

To enter all you need to do is mock up a visual (see examples) of the £200 outfit for each of the 5 categories outdoor, party wear, casual, first date/formal and office. In your blog post, you need to state which category each outfit is for. You should also credit the source of all images you use, and explain why each outfit is great value. Within your post be sure to link to our competition page http://www.moneysupermarket.com/home-insurance/passion-for-fashion/ so that your readers know what 'Passion for Fashion' is. Once you’ve written your post, email a link to passionforfashion@moneysupermarket.com with a link to your post in and you'll receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.

Below are some more examples of the type of images your supposed to be making. To do this you can use Polyvore or mock them up in a program like paint or photoshop! Remember to credit your images and link back to the stores you pick from as well as doing a total of the outfit price, including any of the discount codes you may have chosen to use!

dress: glamourous (£35.99)
bag: new look (£19.99)
shoes: river island (£50)
necklace: asos (£6)
bracelet: asos (£12)
total: £123.98

dress: river island (£25)
shoes: daisy street shoes (£29.99)
bag: new look (£7.99)
total: £71.98
DISCLAIMER: I am being compensated for judging this contest and therefore currently affiliated with Money Supermarket. All opinions are my own, and no I don't take bribes ;)