before & after

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler set to 1-1-3, GHD Brush, Wide Tooth Shower Comb,
Mark Hill Party The Night Away, Mark Hill Dirty Little Stop Out
So, There ya go, How I do my hair. Im constantly asked about how I curl it, but I honestly don't think I do anything different to it than anyone else in the world! Which is why I always put off recording a video on it. I just use my beloved Enrapture Totem Styler and curl bits in no particular order however I feel like it!  I know it's not perfectly styled or very slick or polished hence why I refer to it as a "messy, bedhead" style! This is highly requested and how I do my hair most days, I really don't do much to it and if I'm being honest it turns out looking different each time I do it. The next video is on the products I use and should be up in week sometime. Also, side note but I've been trying to get this to upload all weekend by my internet is so slow, So today I caved in and paid for the BT Wifi in my area and it uploaded in 9 minutes YES 9 freakin' minutes! Anyone who uploads HD to Youtube would be impressed with that! It was taking over 3 hours on my home broadband, So I know what I'll be using from now on!

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