dress: river island (old)
rings: regal rose*

I've had a really good day today in terms of productivity. I've been a touch (read: very) lazy since I got back from my holidays and have been falling behind on almost everything in my RL life and online. I sat down and wrote a list of all the things I needed to do and have been slowly ticking them off as I go along. It's so satisfying ticking things off in my Filofax, it makes me feel like I've achieved something!

I really don't know what I was thinking when I got dressed this morning. I haven't actually really left the house (apart from to buy some fruit and coffee) so god knows why I pulled these Own the Runway flatforms out to wear! I don't even wear shoes in the house so it's a bit weird to choose them! The dress isn't really hot weather appropriate either but it's cute and reminds me of something Alexa Chung would wear, despite her approx 1/4 my size. It's a touch on the short side too so it's probably a good thing I did venture too far away from my house! I've got very funny about wearing short skirts and dresses in the last few months, which I suppose means Im growing up but it's still a bit strange!

I made & uploaded a new video today for those who like to see me in video form, It's on my Models Own Nail Polish collection, Enjoy! (: