left outfit
dress: ax paris*
shoes: primark

right outfit
playsuit: topshop (old, it's my flatmates too so maybe i should disclose that too! )
shoes: primark
necklace: asos

all bracelets: topshop, river island, turkish market stalls, black tied*

It's SO hot here at the moment, like unnaturally hot! I'm SO lucky to be pretty well travelled and have been all over the world since I was a child, but I have to say Turkey this week has been the hottest country I've ever been to. Even though I've also been to remote islands in Fiji and not felt this hot! I've been literally soaked in sweat all day, Literally glistening! TMI? Its like being in one massive sauna! Absolutely gorgeous though, I cannot recommend Olu Deniz enough. It's a beautiful resort and has absolutely stunning scenery! I got burnt on my left shoulder today, Although I have no sympathy for those who burn because they don't use adequate sun protection (I can't STRESS how important it is to use a sun protection and a high factor if you burn easily! It's one of my pet hates!) So Im trying not to feel to sorry for myself!

Anyway, onto the real reason you guys are here! Two outfits from the past two evenings. Sorry I didn't get one up last night internet was a bit ropey in the evening so I gave up trying to post! I really like this AX Paris dress, but it's a touch to tight round my middle after two very indulgent holidays! Excessive amounts of sucking in trying to make sure it didn't look like my middle was poking through the holes! My tummy is my major body hang up/problem area, but I do like my waist so the detailing on the waist looks really pretty but understated! The second outfit is what Im wearing tonight, One of my flatmate's playsuits that I borrowed for a night out but still haven't given it her back yet! Sorry Dalz if you're reading this! I've been looking after it! It's quite old from Topshop and I really love the shape and the drapey sleeve! Paired with my much loved rose gold cuff necklace, I hardly bought any jewellery with me this holiday but this one just looks so pretty without being too much!

ETA: There was some issues with my domain on ETCLLYMLRS today, but it seems to be working again now! It expired today and my payment kept bouncing and Google didn't tell me to change my payment method! Sorted now though!