necklace: primark
shoes: office
bracelets: primark, blacktied*, turkish market stalls & kukee

So Im here in Olu Deniz and it's currently in a complete heatwave! Our holiday rep said that at one point today it was 52 degrees celsius! Absolutely crazy! The hotel so far is gorgeous! A lot different from the one I went to last, this one's a lot smaller and has a more sort of… floral? For lack of a better way of explaining it! It feels a lot more Turkish too than the last hotel I stayed in. Plus we've only been here a few hours and already chatted to of staff and people, whereas the last one everyone was SO rude!

I've decided to do these iPhone style snaps for this holiday, same as the ones I started doing towards the end of my holiday and seem to have carried on doing when I have someone else around to take the photos for me! There isn't any full length mirror's in our room so the LLYMLRS & MMMYMLRS joint outfits won't be happening this time! It's a bit easier asking my mum to take the snaps on my iPhone rather than on my SLR as she has a iPad and sort of understands how to take photos on it! Sometimes when people who know nothing about cameras see my SLR get so intimidated by all those settings and numbers! I am looking to hire someone (get me, getting an intern! totes hitting the big time!) When I get home actually so it's nice practice getting used to posing in front of someone!

Like I said, it's sure hot so Im wearing my silk Topshop dress (which looks way shorter than it is IRL) and a statement neon necklace (better photo in this post!) I decided to take my beloved Office Flatforms with me this time instead of the River Island ones I wore to death last holiday! I haven't really worn this particular pair in a while so it was nice to bring them along again! Anyway, Im off for our first meal & some drinks in the bar! Hope all is well!