001. Im so tired today, Although today has literally it's been one of the laziest days of my life! We went for Brunch at a Cafe in Balham called Milk (which was awesome, I highly recommend it!) and then we went to Byron for dinner in Clapham Juction. I promise I do eat at home, but when you live in one of the most amazing cities with all these yummy food around you its hard to resist the urge! In-between all that eating all I've done is lie on the sofa and drink tea. Cant wait to pop my onesie on and get some zzz's! I've been out the last couple of nights enjoying LDN life though, Including fun times watching the Olympic Ceremony in Shorditch and then a big night in Clapham!

002. I've been trying to upload a Youtube video all day today but it's just not agreeing with me. My internet is really temperamental at the moment so it's going to be a challenge when the file sizes are so darn large! I don't know how some Youtubers do it! I'm gonna leave it up over night tonight, but if it works my hair "tutorial" aka a really lame excuse for a everyday hair routine video will be up! If you missed my last video on my Models Own nail polish collection you can watch it here!

003. Olympics fever has well and truly struck London! I sort of fear for my own safety trying to leave the house this coming week! I don't like how busy London is most of the time but I think "the Games" has made me even more paranoid. I've noticed that my diary is unusually very quiet for the next few weeks. Well planned I suppose! So tempted to go home and stay with my family back in the countryside for a bit!

004. Planning on treating myself to some new boots this week and I think I might actually cave in and buy the Office Night Hawk Boots. I've wanted them for literally YEARS now and after seeing them at their A/W Press day (photos I still haven't got around to editing!) It seems it might be the right time to go get them. The weather has completely turned in London today. The sun we had when I came back from Turkey last week is a distant memory! My mind has gone from thinking about summer clothes back to my A/W wardrobe already! Crazy!