Mark Hill Dirty Little Stop out Volumising Dry Shampoo: Boots / Superdrug (£6.29)

The Mark Hill Dirty Little Stop Out Volumising Dry Shampoo part of the "Big Night Out" range by Mark Hill. A collection of products that are intended to style your hair for a night out and make it last all night! I've used the Batiste XXL volumising dry shampoo and the Umberto Giannui Backcomb in a Bottle all have the same sort of idea. Basically a mixture of Dry shampoo and a hair spray. Overall I think this is a good product, I use it before I backcomb to keep the backcomb in place and mattify the hair so it doesn't make the backcomb fall out as much.

Compared to the other two volumising dry shampoo's I've mentioned in this post this one isn't as sticky or as drying on the hair as the other two. Mainly because the actual hairspray part of the formula is a lot lighter hold and comes out alot slower. Dirty Little Stop Out requires a little more work than the average dry shampoo though as it's not as "spray, brush and go" as Batitste because its intended not to be a dry shampoo. It's to be used as a styling product rather than a refresher. I'd stick to Batiste if you're looking for just a dry shampoo as nothing beats it, but if you're looking for something to add texture and hold and give a bit of volume at the same time this might be worth a try!

As alot of comments seem to think it's "just a dry shampoo", but I think you might be missing the point of the product. Yes it's a dry shampoo but its designed to be a volumising dry shampoo, a mix of dry shampoo and hairspray which adds texture and hold. It doesn't do the same thing as dry shampoo, and it doesn't do the same thing as hairspray either. If you look at my Batiste XXL review, its a similar product to this, a volumising styling product. It's not something to be used when your hair's greasy, More to mattify the hair for styling and make your hair bigger with some hold. I suppose you could say its expensive, but for a two in one product I think its perfect pricing!