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Makeup Forever HD Foundations: Guru Makeup Emporium (approx. £30)

I don't know why its taken me so long to review this foundations as I bought it way back in February at IMATS London. Makeup Forever HD foundation is one of those "internet famous" products that everyone, especially American "gurus" rave about. As per usual it was something had to jump on the band wagon for! As you can't get Makeup Forever very easily in the UK I had no idea what shade to order when trying to source it online. When I had the change to visit a proper counter at IMATS I knew this was one of those things I had to get my hands on. I have to admit when I got it I sort of forgot about it. It didn't wow me initially so I moved it aside for other foundations I was testing at the time.

To apply Makeup Forever HD I use my Real Techniques buffing brush and apply around one and a half pumps to my whole face. It gives good coverage (I say light/medium) and a natural glowy finish and feels very light on the skin. I typically will top it off with a dusting of MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural to keep it in place throughout the day. I have the shade 115, which is pretty light. It's the same shade as my natural skin tone so when Im tanned I'll bronze up using Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel. It lasts most of the day on my skin. It looks INCREDIBLE in photos, so I wear it a lot when Im doing stuff for the blog (see my previous FOTD's) but in real life it's so so. It does blur all imperfections, brighten the skin and cover blemishes but it's not that outstanding compared to other foundations that claim to do the same.

While I do really like Makeup Forever HD I don't think I'll go out my way to get this again. It is an top foundation I do really like it and would recommend trying it out if your ever in a position to get hold of it. Personally I think it's a bit of a grower rather than something you apply and think WOW! I've seen so many mixed reviews on this as well as proclamations of Holy Grail. To me its good, but not outstanding, It didn't change my life or make my skin look amazingly perfect (apart from on camera). I think the hype is a bit too much on this product as it really isn't THAT special.