top: topshop
trousers: glamorous*
fur: new look
shoes: very*

Disco Pant Dupe alert! I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning these in the Glamorous A/W Press day post I did a while ago but these have recently been released so Glamorous offered to send me a pair over. Although these are now currently out of stock on their website, I wore them today so I might as well post about them!

I've seen alot of people get Disco Pant Dupes off ebay, which to me look like glorified shiny leggings (although those could be a good dupe for the High Shine Leggings I normally wear). Compared to American Apparel Disco pants, the Glamorous ones are alot thinner, more of a leggings type material. Still very tight but not as stiff as the American Apparel Versions, which could be a plus point depending on how you look at it! They have the same detail on the back pockets and the waistband as the originals so they look like trousers, not just shiny leggings. I don't feel as sucked in or as slim as I do in these compared to the American Apparel. I also think the American Apparel ones are "much blacker" for lack of a better explanation, Although Im not quite sure if I've been sent charcoal or black as it was crossed out on my label! Mine are a size 10, and Im a small in American Apparel Disco Pants.

Overall I do think they are a good dupe, but like alot of dupes not as good as the original. I'm sure the lower price tag would encourage more people to get them, but I am firmly in the camp of Original Disco Pant lovin'. To be honest I'll probably wear these as much as my American Apparel ones, there is essentially nothing wrong with them in terms of getting the same look, but it depends on if you want to splash out on the Originals or not! Hopefully they'll be back in stock soon if you do want to get these!