two webcam photos in a 2 week, naughty!

001. Sorry I didn't post yesterday! It was a rare day when I was like "CBA", I ended up going out with two of my best pals from home for Nandos and to chill by the River. Today my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today which was amazing! We had a lovely family party in my aunties Garden which was just perfect! Bless them for being together for so long! I posted a few snaps on my instagram and Twitter of you wanted to see them (@llymlrs

002. I just wanna make clear that although I did two youtube videos on this blog this week I really doubt I'll be doing them often, especially on here. Basically I can't film "Outfit of the days" on my SLR as it doesn't auto focus, making it tricky to film solo, and I don't really have much interest (currently) in going into youtube territory! It was fun though, and I may film them occasionally to go on my beauty blog because its easier to explain beauty things by talking about it rather than in text! Who knows, never say never hey! There is something about Youtube that just rubs me the wrong way!

003. Overwhelming reaction to my giveaway! It's actually a little bit crazy to be honest! I haven't forgotten about the River Island Rose Gold Watch giveaway either, I've just been at my Mums house since Friday so I've been busy and couldn't send it from here so I've left it be announced on Wednesday when Im back home!

004. I go on Holiday a week on Tuesday so Im working non stop for the next week (and on a Galaxy post too!) and a bit. I've booked my hair, eyelashes, wax and eyebrow appointments in prep for the holidays! Also I've stocked up on suncream and mosquito spray! I'm really allergic to insect bites, I take tablets for this but I'd rather prevent getting bitten too! So if anyone has any recommendations for industrial strength mosquito spray/creams/lotions/potions/diffusers/anything that will kill them, Please let me know! THIS IS SERIOUS BIZNIZ

005. JWLRY will be closing for around a month on Friday as Im going on Holiday and won't be around to sort out orders. Currently I only have the 5 ring mixes in stock but once I get back from my travels I'll be doing a complete restock alongside some new items. Im bringing back the necklaces as well as some new items I've recently sourced.