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shoes: H&M
bracelet: topshop
nails: AA Nails neon green

EEK. Gothic outfit alert! Sorry to those who prefer me in colour! All Topshop too, which is a pretty poor effort from me as I do make a conscious effort to not wear all Topshop. Even my lipstick is Topshop! I do apologise in advance if Im wearing these tunics in a lot of upcoming outfit posts, I do really love the fit and the cut and I did buy it in practically every colour! I haven't worn my leather look leggings in a while and they are a bit too big for me since I went back to the gym, but they still look pretty cool! Even if I have baggy knees! Im so in love with AA Nails polishes at the moment, Neon Green has to be my all time favourite colour even though it has to be one of the worst polishes I've ever used. I shall review it on ETCLLYMLRS as soon as I've worn it a bit more to get a feel for the polish! I doodled a bit on my pinkie on my left hand with some ebay nail art pens (I reviewed them here), I might do all of them if I feel up to the challenge! I wore my "game of thrones" coat in honour of the last episode of the second series. I can hardly believe Im wearing a fur coat in June! Was our summer those few hot days we had last week?

Today I've been doing the mega boring task of sorting out all my receipts to hand over to my accountant. I don't think he'd appreciate me shoving a box of crumpled receipts into hands! I've been craving Japanese food all day so I've just ordered some and I can barely wait for it to get into my tummy! People across the road from me are having some sort of party, I presume its sports related as I've heard whoops and hollers for most of the day. A bunch of grown men screaming like little girls? Very annoying! I've also started watching Workaholics because my friend Greg has been pestering me to watch it for months. Bit of a random one today as I seem to be typing whatever seems to pop into my head! Least its better than yesterdays post, Sorry about that!

PS. I've used so! many! exclamation! marks! in! this! post!