L- (pool outfit) Primark Bralet, Primark Mens Vest, Topshop Shorts (old), Primark Sandals
R- (evening in city outfit) River Island Maxi Dress*, New Look Sandals (old), Topshop Necklace
L- (evening outfit) Ebay Dress, Asos Necklace, Primark Belt, Primark Sandals
R- (day outfit) Primark Playsuit, Clothing at Tesco Shoes*

All Bracelets from Turkish Market Stall's & Topshop and a insect repellent bracelet.

More holiday outfits. Sorry some of them are blurry and awful quality, I seem to have forgotten how to use my camera in the heat. Shocking. Other than that all is well here. So hot, although I hear its supposed to be 26C in London tomorrow! Was crazy windy earlier though! A few of the umbrellas actually blew out of their stands, causing my brother to run off chasing after one! It then took four men to try and work out how to close the umbrella (men hey!).
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