001. Had a pretty good weekend soaking up the sun and watching the Eurovision. The weather is to DIE for so I've spent most of my time drinking Iced coffee mocha's from Starbucks and sitting in the sun! I also went to a blogger event on Saturday which I actually really really enjoyed. Was the perfect mix of being able to chat to other bloggers as well as having brands explain their products to you without being too much pressure! I've also never seen such a well dressed bunch of people! Made me feel incredibly underdressed in my oversized black tunic and leopard flats! I got some url's of some bloggers which I still haven't gone through yet, but honestly their outfits all put my efforts to shame!

002. Week one without fake tan really went very badly. Considering I was so good for a whole week and then ended up fake tanning last night before I went out. Oops. I should really be trying to get a real tan rather than bronzing up! But I just can't resist it sometimes! I won a Xen Tan goody bag at the Bloggers Boutique event I went to! I literally cannot wait to crack that out! I've always wanted to try higher end tanners! I normally use St Moritz Dark Mousse which I reviewed on ETCLLYMLRS a few days ago!

003. I really need to buy a new foundation but Im finding it quite hard to decide which one I want to get. My skin has really cleared up recently, and Im getting fed up of the dull/cakiness of matte skin. I want something glowy, but not dewy, sort of semi matte and low to medium coverage. I can't believe I'm giving up full coverage though! Im so happy with myself! I have such an odd skintone I can't ever seem to find the right foundations for my skin!

004. I'm also looking for product recommendations of things I could possibly review while Im on holiday in a few weeks. Im going away for two weeks, coming back for 10 days and then going off on holiday again so I'd really like to use that time to try out some waterproof, tanning, long lasting products, summer essentials and other stuff like that while Im there. Any ideas of things I could try would be great! Especially things you like to take on holiday with you!

005. Im thinking of getting a new Mulberry purse, as I love my pink one so much! Would you go for brown or black?

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