001. This weekend I planned to go to the Ballgowns: British Glamour since the 1950s at the V&A but I've felt really under the weather. Im a bit run down which doesn't help either. Instead I've spent the weekend at home, chilling and sorting out things in my room. Today I took a quick trip to Carnaby Street and went to Monki and MAC to pick up a few bits and bobs. I then over indulged at YO! Sushi Sumo Sundays so right now Im feeling very sumo-like!

002. Im so inspired by blogging at the moment. When I moved a few months ago blogging really was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn't go to events, accept products to review or, I struggled to even read or write blogs. Flash forward a few months and I love it again. Right now, I think Im more passionate about blogging and social networking than ever before. More and more I see myself posting 2-3 times a day on ETCLLYMLRS just to get that overflow of information out! It's exciting and fun and I really should make the most of the platforms I have!

003. My coverage of the H&M and New Look press days have gone down so well! Im doing more press days next week so I'll have tons of autumn winter stuff to post about. I'll have the rest of the New Look Autumn winter stuff up tomorrow! I do really love a/w so much more than spring summer. Im really struggling to find summer clothes I actually like that aren't hideously tacky!

004. If you haven't seen my hilarious email from my Mum about my lack of boobage then see here. Although she's right, I have a broad chest and small "breasticles" so Im really struggling to find bikini that flatters my figure! I really like this one and this one. I think the first one would suit me but the second one probably won't unfortunately! Any suggestions would be helpful!

005. The Kim Kardashian True Reflection launch I went to the other day was actually crazy! I do have some photos from the event but I wasn't patient enough to wait to meet her! I can confirm she does look like absolutely babe in real life and her makeup is completely flawless! I'll post a proper review of the scent and a bit about the event in the week!