essie nail polish diffusion line drugstore uk stockists boots superdrugessie nail polish diffusion line drugstore uk stockists boots superdrug
Essie Nail Polish: Boots/Superdrug (£7.99)

Essie is an American salon nail polish brand that honestly I didn't really know much about. I'd seen it on American nail blogs, and I think you could buy it at Libertys in London but other than that I didn't know much! Thanks to recent rumblings in the blogasphere, I heard you could buy the recently launched Essie diffusion line in Londons's Marble Arch Superdrug "concept" store. The full collection is to be launched in larger Boots and Superdrugs towards the end of April. My small local Boots (Boots Balham) doesn't currently have them, but when I visited home the Hereford Boots did have about 30 of the most popular shades on sale. I can't seem to find any information about Essie UK Stockists after a quick google but they should be starting to become more available from now on.

The Essie nail polish diffusion line has a whopping 70 different shades to choose from. Essie has taken some of their best selling colours and reformulated them for quicker at home application. They have also changed the brush shape so it's slightly wider which is said makes application much speedier and completely effortless.

Priced at £7.99 they are pricey than your average drugstore polish, Personally I think between £5-£8 for a decent nail polish is a perfectly acceptable price. I'd rather pay extra for a one or two coat quick dry polish than £3 for a three coater and terrible drying time! I tend to judge most nail polishes based on Models Own polishes as they are the ones I tend to use the most. I haven't tried these just yet so I can't confirm if they are worth it or not, but I shall update you with some proper swatches and a full review as soon as I try them!
Essie will be rolling out in the UK from the end of April in larger Boots and Superdrug stores, priced at £7.99 a bottle