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On my 22nd birthday, I decided to go to Camden on a whim and get some Collar bone Microdermal's. I've wanted surface piercings on my collarbones since I was about 15. I just never really got round to getting them done when I was younger. Something just clicked a few days before, and I decided I wanted to get them done. I wasn't going to write this post as it's a bit squeamish for people who don't like piercing's or aren't bothered by them, but I asked on Twitter and got a pretty positive response by people wanting to know more.

Microdermal's are basically a type of surface piercing where an anchor is placed under the skin and gives the effect of the jewellery being screwed straight onto the skin. So far they have healed really well, I've had them for a month now and there (currently) no signs of rejection or any infection. I clean them twice a day with a special piercings cleaning solution and keep them covered with plasters at night and most of the time if I'm wearing low cut tops. I probably only wear them uncovered about 5 hours a day at the moment, but considering they've healed well in the last month I'm going to wear them open more and see how it goes.

The two microdermal implants cost £80 and took around 20 minutes from start to finish. I got them done at Notorious Ink on Camden High Street. I didn't shop around or look for recommendations before I go them done. Which I know is really bad but like I said it was a spur of the moment thing. To insert them, my piercer took a tool called a dermal punch and took out a small section of flesh. Then he poked the jewellery in and pull it from side to side to secure and then attached the ball. The most painful part is when they punch the flesh as they are removing a section of your skin, the tugging from side to side is uncomfortable rather than painful. As with all piercings they hurt when I got them inserted. There was no swelling and by the next day, there was very little pain. Compared to my lip piercings (both of which I had frozen) the pain was considerably less, during and after.

A few things I'd note about them is that you have to be careful when applying perfume so it doesn't go into the jewellery and irritate them. I also am very conscious when I wear lower cut tops and necklaces as I always worry about getting them caught. So far I haven't got them caught or knocked them on anything. My hair doesn't get caught on them either which was my biggest concern after I got them done.

I've previously had two lip piercings (lip and monroe) two nose piercings, as well as various ear piercings and I used to have 28mm ear stretchers (they are around 8-10mm now which I might get back, but not as big). None of which I regret getting done. I think it's such a misconception that you regret things you do when your younger. Albeit I am only 22, so maybe I haven't had enough time to regret it yet! But I got my lip pierced after my last GCSE when I was 16 when I was a little ~scene kid. Frankly to me was all part of growing up and just reflected who I was at the time.When I got all of my previous piercings done people were like "WHYYY!!" and Im like "why not!". I do think its fair for people to not like piercings and have their opinion, but theres no need to tell someone their ruined or disgusting because they have them. Being harsh and unnecessary is just not worth it. I don't care if you don't like them but there is no need to insult someones life choices! If Im ruined by the time I'm 60 then thats my own doing! And frankly I had an awesome time doing it!

What I normally get is that I don't look like the type to like piercings. To be fair it's easy to see why people jump to this conclusion. I have a beauty and fashion blog where I talk about pretty, frivolous, materialistic, glittery and pink things. Of course I like that stuff, but its like judging a book buy its cover. I may not look like the type to have piercing, like post hardcore music, LOVE pro wrestling or countless other things I don't talk about frequently, doesn't mean I don't like them. I've realised more and more  that people (IRL and Internet wise) see what they want to see rather than consider that there is more to someone than nice clothes and a full face of makeup.

I'm very happy with them, and I will get getting another set done a bit further up my collarbone in the future. In all honesty I forget they are there most of the time, I never got them to show them off. Personally I think my Microdermal's are subtle, tasteful and if anything just personal to me. I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea, thats a given! I hope this has helped people who were thinking about them or helped those who didn't really "get" why I got them in the first place!
DISCLAIMER: If you're thinking of getting them done I'd recommend looking for an experienced piercer, especially one that has experience with microdermal's. Make sure you do your research as surface piercing are very likely to reject! Everything mentioned in this post is related to my own experience getting them done and my healing period. It might be completely wrong, but like I said it's my experience.