clairsonic mia update routine breakouts
Clarisonic Mia: asos (£120)
For my initial thoughts on the Clarisonic see this post I did when I first started using it
I thought Id update on my Clarisonic seeing as I've said nothing about it since my initial thoughts post about it a few months ago. I have actually stopped regularly using the device as it was breaking me out way too much. Although I felt my skin was fresher, smoother and my overall skin tone did improve over the course of the four weeks I tried it. However I was breaking out like crazy, getting spots in places I never used to get them and overall I just wasn't happy with the experiance. I don't actually have bad skin very often, I get the odd spot or two on my chin but never to the extreme the Clarisonic was doing. Alot of people say they purging phase of a Clarisonic is the worst, but they say it improves within two or so weeks. By the fourth week my skin was still terrible and I just couldn't cope. I had to restrain myself from throwing it straight into the bathroom bin!

I have to admit I've not completely stopped using the Clarisonic, I have been using it occasionally to get a complete "deep cleanse" and exfoliation of the skin but I highly doubt I'd go back to using it regularly. It's way too harsh for my sensitive skin. I think this is the reason why I couldn't get on with it, the exfoliation was just way too harsh for my skin which was making it worse.

I wouldn't let my review alone put you off getting one if you were thinking about it potentially investing in a Clarisonic. Im gonna put this out there but I don't personally thing bloggers "lie" about Clairsonics, I've probably seen more people rave about it than say it didn't work for them. I just didn't get on with it personally. Skincare is SO subjective, there are so many things that work for some people but don't for me, The Clarisonic included! I know so many people who have had amazing experiences with the Clarisonic Mia and I am genuinely a bit sad it didn't work out for me. I wish I was able to use it more as I did like the way it made my skin tone and overall appearance of my skin was better.