001. Happy Easter! I've spent the day at home watching Two and a half men and Man v Food reruns on and chomping through a Easter Egg! I probably should have gone home to my Mums house this weekend but I decided to stay at my house! Who knows how I used to go back and forth between London and Ludlow multiple times a week as the idea of going on the tube for 25mins into central London now seems like a long long time to me! I have no plans for this week, I really haven't done anything of note for a few weeks actually! Im quite content with settling into my new daily routine. I've mentioned before but Im one of those people who likes to do the same thing at the same time everyday! i.e.: gym at 12:30-1:50 so I can be home by 2 to shower at 2:15 etc. That sounds a bit OCD but I'm not strict strict with the exact times, I just know if I don't get things done by certain times I won't have time to do other things in my day!

002. I keep getting asked for updates on my thoughts on the 30 day shred, and honestly it's going OK. I've completed the routine most days, I think I've missed two since I started. I'm doing level one and I do think it's a good routine if you're not that into working out. I've found it quite easy, but then again I do go to the gym everyday and I am fitter than I think I am. I've only really struggled with the arm exercises (my arms are so weak!). I have noticed an improvement in my overall tone since I started. Although obviously I've also been working out more at the gym too, so it could be a mix of the both. Its worth trying out though, Im moving up a level now and I'll keep you posted something on how I feel after that!

003. It's my birthday in two weeks! As if Im going to be 22, When I was younger I'd always imagined my life would be perfect and I'd lead this "dream life" by now! Oh to be a child again and not have to deal with adult things! But Im looking forward to it, Im not a big birthday person so I think I want to go out for a meal or cocktails. I've had a eye on going to Meat Liqour for AGES now so maybe this will be time to go!

004. I need some help internet people! I really want some new bedding for my room, My room sort of has a pink, white and a black theme and I just fancy another duvet cover as I had an accident with some nail polish and one is now destroyed! Anyone got any recommendations as to where can I get some nice bedding from?